Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Testing the Waters

This year I vowed to myself that
I would attempt more mixed media and
to my surprise I am actually keeping it.
There has been such a
strong pull to get back to my first love in art.
My comfort zone for sure is black and white
pencil. I can work that fairly well but
when it comes to paint/color it
is way on the other spectrum of my skill.
I want to change that.
These couple of paintingsa are 
apart of my journey getting there.

I knew that I wanted to start off with the eye.
Crazy right?!
One of the most complex features but
I just couldn't help it. 
The eyes are my favorite.
This is a mix of watercolor, pen, and
color pencil.

Yesterday, someone
posted this poster on Facebook and
I knew instantly that it would be my second attempt.
Not perfect but I am satisfied for now with it.

There is such joy in drawing again and
stepping a bit out of my comfort zone.
Watercolor is gorgeous and
I plan to make it proud.

That's all for now!
Be Blessed!

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