Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Post, New Camera, New Computer

Well hello there again!
I pray that life is treating you all kindly today.
My world is surrouded by tons of choir rehersals, projects,
kids, hubby, and a world of the never ending chores.
In the mist of all the family life chaos hubby finds a way to
treat me to a few things that I have needed and wanted.
I have had a moment or so to get some point and click shots shown
below with my new camera but it going to take some getting use to for
sure. It is definitely so much more than that and I have a great
deal to learn.
Same thing goes with this new computer. Window 8 is awesome but
there is SO MUCH!
My old computer is on the verge of crashing.
It is a 97 as I hear you all laughing I know.
The year is 2015.
Do the math or maybe not. LOL!
God is good!

Hubby in all his randomness.
It is not often he lets me take any pics of him.
Says he doesn't take good pics but
I think he takes such handsome ones.

Here is my little tiger after pre-school today.
It was crazy hat day.
She was ready for a nice nap.

The next two pics are just things around the house and
I think that I am in love with this camera.
It will keep me for a while now.

it's a keeper alright.

Hubby is getting lonely so I am off for now.
I will do my best not to be a stranger here.
Be blessed all!

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