Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sad Happy

It's back to hump day again and I am exhausted already!
We had a wild Tuesday which included baby Kyra
loosing her pacifier. I LOOKED EVERYWHERE!!!
Nap time, she did wonderful without it but
when bedtime rolled around she was not a happy
camper. Elliott had to make two trips to the store
in which made him very unhappy. She ended up crying
herself to sleep but woke up mid night crying for it.
Once she had a shiny new pacifier in her mouth
it was light out. I had been having thoughts of
winging her off but after last night I don't think
that she is quite ready. Maybe I am not ready
either. LOL!
I suppose that you all are wondering why I am sad.
Well Picnik, a photo editing sight, is closing its doors
after several years. I had been using them for quite
some time. Tomorrow is their last day!
I am happy because they suggested a few
more sights very similar. I am trying out
Picmonkey right now and I must say that I
love some their effects.
Here are a few pics that I played around with.

Isn't my little smooch the cutest. That was her at her first
B-Day party. She will be turning two at the end of May.
With all of that being said my pictures have a new home
to be edited. One door closes another door opens........

Be blessed!

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