Monday, April 16, 2012

To The Fair

Well, it is Monday the hardest day of the week in
my opinion. We find ourselves a little slow,
trying to gain our weekly momentum again,
and shake the weekend off. It is hard so lets
try to bring a little bit of the weekend into the
I created this little embellish set I call
To The Fair!

I was browsing the 99 cent store and came across these cosmetic q-tips.
They are one sided and have these extra long sticks. My mind automatically
shouts FLAGS!!!! Really, that is all I had attended to make but we see where
this little idea took me. I never meant to take this far. So glad that I did though....

If ever you are brainstorming other ideas for decor pins take a closer peak
at the smaller wheel and the flags. I pushed a couple of them into the tips of the
q-tips and I pushed the others into a semi-thick mounting circle. These lovely
pins are from Hydrangea Hippo Etsy Shop!

8 GORGEOUS Red Gem Decorative Stick Pins

I used all of mine already!!! LOL!

Hope that this inspired as always and I will be back real soon
with daily randomness. Be blessed!