Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blessed With Another Year!

This year has had its difficulties I have to say but
with a different approach to them.
I have had the honor of seeing God work so
many times to increase faith.
I have had the loving support of my
amazing husband who encourages me to
be all that I can.
My children are blossoming day by day with
their own personalities in tact.
They are super smart, sweet, and overall
a blessing to everyone who they happen to meet.
Our church home is such a blessing and
we have been serving with such joy.
I may have not talked about it as much as
I would have liked but I have been working
on my word for the year 2013 which is free.
This word will probably carry over into 2014.
I do feel some chains have fallen and burdens lifted.
May God see fit to continue his work in me and
through me!
Love you all and Merry Christmas!

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