Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Recent Activities

Good morning all!
It has been quite a challenge I must say getting back as
of late. We have been so busy with
fighting colds, rehersals, speeches, programs,
events, and it goes on! LOL!
It has all been wonderful, except the sick part, but
makes my poor blog suffer.
I wanted to be sure to invite everyone
to our Christmas Concert Fundraiser this year.
All the info is right here and you
can personally contact me if in need of tickets.
They are only $10 each!
It is going to such a blessed time!

My angle girl Leilani gave the announcement this past
Sunday to let everyone know about the childrens 
Christmas Program as well on the 22nd starting at 9:00 am.

Oh Holy Night was such a joy to sing for me as
well this past Sunday.
They finally got me up there!
All for His glory!

Also here are the Voices of Praise from this weekend.
We missed our sister Debbie but was so happy to see her
back in service on Sunday.
It was SO COLD!

Well, now you know where I have been lately
along with some creating in the mist of it all.
I will be sure to share asap.
Now it is time to go and clean!
Love you all and stay safe out there!

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