Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Zoo Day

Hello there everyone!
It has been too long since I have been here for
good reason as I have said before.
Soon I will be able to spill the good news but
boy has it kept me busy along with trying
to spend as much time with the kids as possible.
They will be heading off to Texas again real
soon to visit with their father for about 5 weeks.
That is going to be a huge challenge for me but
God is still good and remains on the throne.
 I must trust in his will and his way.
With that being said yesterday we treated ourselves to
a zoo day which was fantastic!
I have loads of pics like always and plan to share with
all hopefully soon.

Amazing God's creation is!
Look how gorgeous these birds are.
There is nothing like being face to face with them but
my fave was the giraffes!
I just wanted to watch them all day.

I am planning on being back here more
often. I miss my little corner here.
In the meantime have a great remainder of 
the day and be blessed!

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