Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Total Meltdown

Well, well, well it is another mid-week everyone and
I beat a month not posting! LOL!
My little ones are back from their vacation in Tezas as well which
means full speed ahead.
School will be starting back really soon and
mommy is not quite ready for it.
My little Kyra will also be starating pre-school in September.
Sometimes I feel just like my little noodle in
the page below.
Total Meltdown!

Can't you tell that I love this line by Webster's Pages?!
Hello World!
After a day of celebrating her first birthday she
had enough already and wanted out.

I remember this day so clearly.
It took a little bit of icecream to calm things down afterwards.
I cut out tear drops for this page which I thought was super cute and mean all
at the same time.
I also made the mini kites which I am still into.

It is going to be busy for the next few weeks or so getting
everything prepped up and ready to go.
I sure hope that I don't have one of these especially with
Jadon going into the 5th grade this year! 
This is his last year in elementary.

Be blessed all!

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