Saturday, October 16, 2010

Guess What I Am Doing Right Now?!

Cooking, cooking, and finishing up some crafty things for
the party tomorrow. I am baking from scratch for the first time
and will let you know how that venture turns out. EEEKKKKK!!!
LOL! I might even throw in a picture weather success or

Since preggy sick days are behind me from last year I
will be able to take pictures of my own. A friend was
kind enough to this for me when I was sick last year
but then her computer crashed! Lost everything including
pictures of the party. I have a few still waiting to be edited
so I will post those along with this years.

I kept it real simple this year. There is so much on my plate
and to be quite honest it is not worth all the stress. In the
end, the children pretty much just want to spend some
good- ole- time with family and friends.

See you real soon!!!

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