Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Project 1st Cake...

was a complete success!!!!!!!
You know how after the party you
have loads of cake left?!
Well there was absolutely NONE
of this cake left!!!
I was SO HAPPY the it
it turned out right. It was my FIRST
time ever baking and the cake
turned out so moist and yummy.
Everyone couldn't believe that it was
my first time.
More pics to come later of the
b-day party. I worked most of the
time so still not many pics were
taken but I am satisfied with what
I did manage to capture.

The cake that I made was a basic
1-2-3-4 cake by Paula Dean.
It can be found on Food Network.
If you have never baked before
start with this.

See you all soon
Be Blessed!

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