Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Day, Something New

Well it's off and running another week that is and guess who is
My little man Jadon! He started school last Thursday and LOVES
it. I was teaching him before I became pregnant. I then realized
that it wasn't going to happen with me and the sickness and such.
It was hard watching walk out the door with Daddy on his
first day but afterwards I realized the break in which I have not
allowed myself to have. It is now just me and little Lani hangin
together which is quite pleasant because she gets girl time with
mommy. What a little lovely she is. Now for Moxie Fabs
Tuesday Trigger inspiration!

This is what I was inspired to create for this challenge. It is a
simple fold up mini album which is going to packed with this
months fun. We are pretty much booked for the rest of the
weekends leading up to Christmas. This weekend was not
exception. We were all totally wore out. Guess where I am
going to log the fun?! That's right! I am going to log it right
here in my little album.

Thanks Moxie Fab and to the rest of you be blessed!

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