Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December 1st

Happy first of December everyone!!! Can you believe another
year is winding down! I thought it was time for a new banner
and profile pic. Hope you like them both. I also started creating
again and cards seem like the perfect balance for me right now.
Above is this weeks CPS Sketch #144. It is great way for me
transition back into the swing of things not to mention that it
it is a pretty neat sketch. You will also find two more creation
down below based on the CPS sketches.
So now as we say so long to fall it was a time to be grateful for
the many blessings in our lives. I know most can't wait to step
into those winter boots even though here in Los Angeles it is very
hard to get that winter chill right now. It is still pretty nice here.
Well, that it pretty much all I have for now. I was in the middle
of filling out paper work for my son to start school. That is a
whole other story.
Until next time be blessed!

CPS Sketch #143
CPS Sketch #91

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