Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Sooooooooooooo, our weekends have been pretty full and full
of blessings if I might add. Here at Westwood all of the children
are assigned to adoptive parents and we were blessed to get a
picture with this lovely family who adopted our little ones!
We didn't get a chance to get a
pic with all of them. The place was packed and it was very hard
to gather everyone together. Thank you so much Goldsteins!!!
I hope I spelled that right!!! LOL!

Here are a few more pics of the festivities. You will never
guess who was there and I had the chance to talk to.
Harrison Ford!!!!!!! Is not that the coolest! I grew up
watching all of his movies including my faves Indiana Jones.
He was there along with Calista who is right there all the
way to the right. Hubby didn't know that he caught a
glimpse of her. They were there as adoptive parents to
one of the families so I thought it rude to ask for a pic.
Maybe next time.......

This is a peek of a noel banner that I am working on. There
are these GORGEOUS flowers that I learned to make on
Tim Holtz blog so you have to go check that out. I didn't
think that I could actually pull it off but I did!!!

I saved the best for last. My little guy is SO cute in his
first ever program. It is so not the best of videos but I
am sure glad that I got something. Check it out and
Be blessed!

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